Frenchy folies

Frenchy Folies is 20 years old!

Jennyfer and Patrick Boisson’s revue
is getting a new look, which is also celebrated with a new website, a new logo and new creations. And a crazy desire to get back on the boards after a year, to get out new feathers.

Frenchy Folies is 10 dancers, including the leader of Revue, 4 singers,  a master of ceremonies. But also a whole itinerant logistic which travels all over the world, able to satisfy each and every requirements

Nadia Alhena,
Choreographer and lead Dancer

Plume doré décorative

Nadia Alhena  is choreographer and leader of the revue Frenchy Folies. The revue owes all of its ballets to her, orchestrated to the fingertips and the eye, optimised in variable geometry according to the needs of clients, places and events